TPU Layflat Hose

Inner layer: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Reinforcement: Woven Polyester jacket
Outer layer: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

TPU layflat hose is a heavy duty hose which is made from high grade material TPU. While the jacket is made from 100% high tensile polyester filament yarn. In the meantime, it absorbs woven method. While the PU cover protects the hose from wear, corrosion, mechanical damage and other damages.

TPU layflat hose adopts unique production method which is weave extrude. Besides, there will be anti-UV and anti-aging additives in the formula. Thus it can work at outdoors for long term. What’s more, it’s the ideal choice for tough work conditions like wild and high abrasion places.

TPU Layflat Hose Application:

Because of the great property, TPU lay flat hose is ideal for a wide range of apps. But the most typical usages are agriculture and fire fighting.

In agriculture, it’s mainly to deliver manure and water to the farm. For manure, the basic procedure is collect the animal waste from the diary into a tank. Then transfer the tank to the farm. Last, deliver these manure with the layflat hose. While for water, you can use a tank or directly use the hose. Because we offer you custom service, the hose can be long enough. So that you can transfer the water from the resource like river or lake in a long distance.

Another typical usage is fire fighting. In fact, TPU attack fire hose belongs to high-end hose because of the great comprehensive property. It has excellent resistance to corrosion, aging and wear. Besides, it has certain strength and elasticity. What’s more, it has a long service life. Therefore, it has been the common choice in mine, oil station, dock, marine and building.

Besides the above 2 typical apps, it has been used to deliver wasted water and slurry in mines.


Abrasion high-resistant,oil resistance, Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, small flow resistance
Temperature: -55℃(-131℉) to 80℃(+176℉)