Composite hose are specifically engineered to handle all kinds of oils safely and easily. Our hose are manufactured to stringent quality standards to ensure the highest levels of reliability and durability. The hose combines multi-layered polypropylene, steel wire helix and liners to ensure lightness, excellent flexibility and toughness. Both inner and outer wires are electrically continuous to prevent static discharge. It offers a high degree of chemical compatibility whilst the ‘no burst’ nature of the composite construction eliminates potentially catastrophic ruptures.

Recommended For:
Like other hose, it provides the vital flexible connection to compensate for vibration, movement, or misalignment in a fluid transfer system. It can be used in delivery and/or suction of fuels, oils and lubricants in cistern trucks, railcars or fixed deposits.

Composite Hose Construction:

⑴terminal ⑵ferrule ⑶inner wire ⑷outer wire ⑸multiple polypropylene layer ⑹reinforcement layer ⑺PVC abrasion and ozone resistance outer cover

40% lighter than the rubber hose which has the same diameter and length.
Excellent flexibility
Good positive and negative pressure resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance for chemical liquid medium
Outstanding flame retardant property
Long-term durability
The CCS and ABS certificates are available.

Composite hose 1


Composite hose 2

Packaging: After finishing the composite hose production, we will pack the hose.
                  In general, the packing will use woven bag and plastic film.
                  Special packing is available according to customers’ requirements.




rubber hose certificate