Hot Air Blower Hose is a high heat grade EPDM rubber hose. Such rubber hose connects the compressor to the storage tank on a dry bulk trailer. This hose is designed for the rugged outdoor use required in tank transport, in-plant transfer and offloading site. Hot air hose for blower is available in black or brown ozone resistant cover. And it can be with a textile and helical wire reinforcement. The helical wire provides for full vacuum even at elevated temperatures. Besides, it offers the hose kink resistance as well as a means to ground the assembly.

During the use of a blower, the blower hose plays an important part roll.First of all, the hose can enhence the wind power that the blower produce. Then such air hose can help increase the wind deliver volume. Besides, blower hose can maintain the pressure balance inside the blower. Then it can help avoid the abnormal work caused by over high or over low pressure. Besides, the blower hose can protect the fans of the blower. Then it can reduce the external effect and prolong the service life.

Air Hose Structure:

Tube: Black EPDM

Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polyester tire cord with wire helix

Cover: Black heat resistant EPDM rubber


Hot air hose for blower is to transfer hot air to tanks on dry bulk material trucks.

Hot Air Hose Features:

EPDM tube and cover for high heat resistance
High temperature resistance, max working temp reaches 177°C
Flexible and anti aging
All sizes are full vacuum