To keep your swimming pool in perfect condition, you need the right pool maintenance tool. A vacuum swimming pool hose is such a tool. It should be flexible, durable and long enough to let you get into the furthest corner of your pool to suck leaves, debris and other dirts.

The swimming pool hose is made from EVA and comes with white plastic valves at the two ends. Having been made with durability in mind, this vacuum hose can serve for years when well taken care of. The UV protection feature means that the hose remains new for years, even when exposed to extreme summer conditions. It is chemical and sunlight resistant.And it is crushproof for durability.And the price is great as compared to the quality.

Construction: EVA and HDPE

Application: ideal for swimming pool


◆ Highly flexible and floatable
◆ Smooth interior
◆ Crush proof structure
◆ Gas and liquid tight
◆ Small bending radius
◆ Extremely Tearing resistant
◆ High tensile strength
◆ Swivel cuffs rotates to eliminate kinks are available
◆ Comply to RoHS

Temperature:-20℃ to +70℃ (Short time to 80℃)