An airless paint spraying system gives a glass-smooth layer of coating over surfaces that is practically impossible to achieve using a brush or roller.The spray tube is the most important in the system. Let me introduce you to the details below.


Tube: internal core in polyamide

Reinforcement: Multi plies high tensile steel wire braid or polyester yarn braid,

Cover:polurethane, blue,black,red,grey


Designed for high pressure airless spray systems,chemical resistance,suitable for paint,solvents and aggressive fluids Temperature: -40℃(-72℃) to +100℃ (+212 °F)


● High abrasion resistance cover ● High pressrue Max W.P.50Mpa ● Chemical and solvents resistant

Raw Material:
Nylon materials imported from Japan.
With the imported materials ,our hose get more stronger heat & temperature resistant haracter. and high tensile strength .
The temperature range from -40℃ to 120℃.


Factory Workshop:
Our factory introduce advanced technology and equipment to make the bets quality paint spray hose. High speed braiding machine braid the reinforcement layer more steady.

Our factory has strong quality control team, we set up advanced laboratory.
Before the mass production, we test each batch of raw material
After the production, we test each hose to guarantee a 100% qualification.
Each hose tested at 2 times of working pressure.
We do everything possible to supply good quality goods for our customer.



paint spray hose packaging