SAE 100 R4 textile reinforced hydraulic hose is mainly for oil suction and delivery in the hydraulic systems. It consists of three parts: tube, reinforce and cover. The tube is high quality, black, smooth and oil resistant synthetic rubber. Thus the 100r4 hose widely serves for oil delivery. While the reinforce is one layer or multiple layers of high strength braided textile with helix steel wire. While this makes the hose have solid structure. Then it is more strong and can bear higher pressure. Then the cover is high quality synthetic rubber. It makes the hose resist wear, corrosion, weather, ozone, aging and cut. The hose have longer service life as a result. It exceeds the SAE 100 R4 standard. 

Tube: Black synthetic rubber resistant to high temperatures

Reinforce: 2 layer or 4 layers of high strength synthetic textile and helix steel wire

Cover: Black, oil and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber

SAE 100 R4 Temperature Range:

-40℉ to +212℉ (-40℃ to +100℃)

SAE100R4 Application :
Hydraulic hose SAE 100R4 can be used for petroleum and water based hydraulic fluids. It widely serves in various machines like tractor, crane, road roller. In addition, it’s ideal for other vehicles such as car, bus, harvester and many others.

SURFACE: wrapped surface