Oil Cooler Hose

The oil cooler hose circulates oil between the oil cooler and engine. This helps keep the engine from overheating. If the oil cooler hose fails, you may experience oil leaking from the hose or a low oil warning light.The oil cooler hose consists of a synthetic rubber inner tube with a partial stainless steel reinforcement inner braid.There is a SS braid on the outside, making it exceptionally lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Tube: Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement: braided, high-tensile steel wire. 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2”
sizes are one braid;5/8”3/4”and 1” sizes are two braids.
Cover:Black, oil, abrasion and weather resistant, thin synthetic rubber.
Application:Use with automatic transmission fluid and other lubricating oil
● Oil resistance ● Aging resistance
● Corrosion resistance ● Superior heat dissipation
● High and low temperature resistance
Temperature: – 104 ℉ to + 302 ℉ (-40℃ + 150 ℃ )