Engineered to handle the toughest conditions found in the High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Industry. The ideal choice for municipality and industrial applications. Thermoplastic composition and unique bonded construction allows for a flexible, light-weight and kink-resistant hose.
Hoses feature a polyurethane, cover that provides maximum resistance to cutting and abrasion. All hoses are color coded to conform to industry standards for maximum operating pressures. For safety assurance, Hoses are factory tested and sold as assemblies only. Common sizes and lengths are shown, but hoses can be made to any length to meet your specific requirements.

Inner Core:Orange seamless polyolefin tube
Reinforcement: one or Two braids of high tensile synthetic fiber
Cover: High abrasion,mold and fungus resistant polyether- urethane

The sewer cleaning hose is designed for use on high pressure sewer cleaning equipment

Working Temperature:
-40 degrees F. to+122 degrees F.
(-40 degrees C. to+50 degrees C.)