High pressure washer hose is specifically made for pressure washers. Then it helps you focus the jet of water into a particular point. Pressure washer hoses were designed to be strong. So that they could handle all that power coming from the pressure washer. That’s also why they tend to be rather stiff and layered. With a good pressure washer hose, you can direct the jet of water wherever you need it to. Besides, without having to lift the pressure washer itself.

It will also provide you with more coverage, depend on the length of the hose. Plus, a good pressure washer hose will be able to focus the flow of water. And direct it to that certain point where you need it. Without the hose, the pressure washer will not work.  And it will start spraying the water everywhere. The hose will keep everything contained properly. This hose will allow you to connect to a water source at a farther distance. And removing the need to continuously fill the tank.


Tube and cover: Smooth PVC

Reinforcement: High tensile polyester fibre braiding


PVC high pressure washer hose is widely used for household water cleaning, vehicle washing. Washing in the parks, community, factories and so on.


● M22*1.5 Metric male or Female Fitting on both ends

●Easy connection to washer gun

● Light weight, easy to handle

● High flexbility and anti-kinking

● High abrasion resistance

● Max working pressure 3000psi

Temperature:-10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)