Sandblast hose is hose that spray the mixture of compressed air and abrasive materials. It is designed for high velocity transfer of sand, steel shot and other abrasive materials. It is a kink resistant hose that will withstand external abuse and internal abrasion. Its static conductive tube dissipates static electricity to prevent dangerous shocks. The sand blast hose is a “lighter” hose designed with a thinner wall in order to reduce operator fatigue. In general, the blasting work need a set of materials including sand blasting hose and nozzle.

Because of the special usage, it requires high abrasion resistance to the sand blasting hose pipe. Orientflex abrasive blast hose adopts high quality synthetic rubber which has excellent abrasion resistance. Thus it has a longer service life than the common rubber hose.

Sand blaster hose is designed for the delivery of steel shot, sand, glass and many other abrasive materials. Shot blasting hose is mainly for the cleaning and rust moving porpose. Thus it widely serves in any industries, especially precision equipment. For example, in shipyard, the ships will be corroded and oxided. Thus it need such abrasive blasting hose to remove the rust to keet the ship clean.
Temperature: -40℃(-40℉) to +70℃(+158℉)

Sandblast Hose Structure:

Tube: Black, smooth, synthetic rubber
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord
Cover: Black, smooth (wrapped finish), abrasion resistant
Abrasion loss value: Acc DIN 53516≤60mm³
Optional Request: TS 5928 EN ISO3861/ISO1307

Blasting Pipe Features:

Weather resistant cover
Excellent abrasion resistance
Abrasion loss value: Acc DIN 53516 ≦ 60mm3

Material: Good quality materials make our hose steady performance.
Production: Advanced technology and equipment to make the best quality sandblast hose.

sandblast hose


Our factory has strong quality control team, we set up advanced laboratory.
Before the mass production, we test each batch of raw material.
After the production, we test each hose to guarantee a 100% qualification.
Each hose tested at 2 times of working pressure.
We do everything possible to supply good quality goods for our customer.


Packaging: After finishing the sandblast hose production, we will pack the hose.
                   In general, the packing will use woven bag and plastic film.
                   Special packing is available according to customers’ requirements.

rubber hose package