PVC corrugated duct hose allows for visual confirmation of material flow. Easy slide helix: rigid helix design protects hose tube from cover wear, and allows hose to slide easily over rough surfaces. Easy-to-handle. Easy slide – indicates hoses with an external rigid helix designed to slide easily over rough surfaces, easy-to-handle. Transparent construction – indicates hoses with a transparent or semi – transparent tube.

PVC corrugated duct hose allows the user visual confirmation of material flow, and the ability to see if material or condensation has collected in the hose tube. Hoses can be used for freshwater and saltwater transfer. General applications include cable protection; drain lines; ducting, ventilation and fume removal; dust collection; material handling – light duty. Compliance: RoHS. Vacuum rating: 13 inHg at 68 degrees F and 7 inHg at 104 degrees F. Bending radius: 3 inches at 68 degrees F.

Wall: Top grade PVC
Spiral: Rigid PVC


● Extremely tearing-resistant with rigid reinforced PVC helix
● Very abrasive
● Very smooth interior
● Very Flexible with low weight
● Extremely transparent
● Could be resistant to UV if requested
● Various sizes are available
● Comply to RoHS

● As suction and transport hose especially suitable for below substance:
Gaseous and liquid media
● Abrasive solids such as dusts, powders, chips and grains
● Also ideal as ventilation hose for air conditioning and ventilation system

Temperature: -10℃ to 65℃