EPDM radiator hoses

Orient EPDM radiator hoses are made from the best quality EPDM rubber with polyester or aramid reinforcements for optimal performance in under the hood conditions. EPDM hoses are ideal for use with air or coolant, the most important application are engine hoses.EPDM radiator hoses are designed for a wide range of light and heavy duty truck applications . EPDM radiator hoses feature knitted reinforcement and synthetic EPDM construction.Our EPDM hoses provide high strength and resistance to ozone and other detrimental environmental elements, coolants.

Tube:black EPDM
Reinforcement: high tensile textile cords.
Cover:black EPDM – heat, abrasion and ozone resistant.
Abrasion resistant, weather resistant and zone resistant. It is flexible,
light in weight, anti-bending and less distortion.
(-40℃ (-40 ℉ )to +121℃ (+250 ℉ )