Slurry Hoses

Slurry hoses are the tough alternative to rigid and heavy steel pipelines. They are easy to maneuver and install. While you just need basic tools. It’s great to transfer material, but they are inflexible. Thus it’s hard to remove once installed. Hoses offer much-needed mobility in contrast to pipelines. Thus it’s great for applications require frequent relocation of the pump. For example,  dredging. The slurry hose can bend and easily fit into existing pipe structure without welding. Additionally, slurry hoses help to absorb system vibration and compensate expansion. Besides, it help saving wear on crucial equipment.


Tube: Black NR/SBR
Reinforcement: Multi plys of synthetic fabric with wire helix.
Cover: Black corrugated NR/SBR; abrasion and weather resistant.

Slurry hoses are primarily for abrasive and viscous slurries in mine and quarry. They are also suitable for dry materials such as sand, gravel and grains. The external bolt on the flanges allow for easy installation and uninterrupted free flow.

●Rugged and versatile to alternate inflexible steel piping system
●Absorb system vibration and saves wear on equipment.
●Customized length and assembly are avilaible
●Split flange coupling

Temperature:-40℃ to +82℃ (-40 ℉ to +180 ℉)

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mining slurry hose