PU lining layflat fire hose

PU Lining Layflat Fire Hose Structure:

Lining: PU
Reinforcement cover: Polyester jacket

PU lined fire hose belongs to the high-end material because of the great properties. PU is regarded as the “Fifth biggest plastic” after PVC, PE, PP and PA. Compared with PVC and rubber material, PU has much better wear resistance. While it’s about 3-5 times than PVC. Besides, it can work at max 90℃. But PVC can just at max 65℃. In addition, it is more flexible with better elasticity. In the meantime, it has good mechanical property and it’s chemical proof. While it’s also anti-shock and anti-toxic.

Polyurethane Fire Hose Applications:

Because of the great wear and temperature resistance, PU lined hose is the best choice to supply water for fire fighting. It can deliver large volume of water from a nearby resource or by the pump. But for fire fighting, it’s most function is as the fire hose. With a high pressure pump, it can spray the water to dozens of meters away. Then helps attack the fire in a safe position. Besides water, it can also spray other agent on the fire. Because it resists chemical and corrosion.

PU fire hose is also an ideal tool for drainage work. With several diameter hoses work together, you can discharge the water from a pond within a short time. In addition, it also widely serves in industry where has fire risk. Like warehouse, textile factory, chemical plant and power plant. Agriculture is another common usage for such hose. But it’s more expensive than PVC hose. Thus the app is limited. In Africa and South America, some mine owners use it to deliver water and slurry. Because it performs well when transfer abrasives.

PU Lining Layflat Fire Hose Features:

● Light weight, ozone resistant
● Abrasion resistant
● Low-temperature resistant
● Oil resistant, long service life.
● Working pressure: 8bar, 10bar, 13bar, 16bar, 20bar, 25bar