Aviation fueling hose is designed for both discharge operations and ground fuelling of aircrafts. It can defuel with kerosene or petroleum fuel, aromatic content ≤50%. Aircract fueling hose can be rolled up onto reels and has been recognized by the major oil companies. It’s a light weight, flexible and abrasion resistant hose.

As the oil hose to refuel the planes, aircraft refueling hose must be reliable. As an oil delivery hose, the most important thing is the safety. Once there was any open fire, it will cause series accident. It not only cause huge economy loss, but also cause people get damaged. For the safety, static is the factor that you should pay attention to. During the oil deliver, static will occur because of the friction between the medium and the inner wall of the fuel hose. Then it may cause fire. But there is a copper wire inside the hose to eliminate the static. Thus it will be safe to use such flexible hose. What’s more, the aircraft fueling hose is made from flame retardant material. Thus even there was a fire, it will not cause serious result.

Besides above properties, Orientflex aviation fueling hose has excellent wear and weather resistance. Then you can use it in any weathers and conditions.

Aircraft Fueling Hose Structure:

Tube: Black and smooth NBR
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic plies with 2 grounding crossing copper wires
Cover: Black, smooth, fire proof, antistatic(R<106 Ohm/m) and cloth impression CR,resistant to chemicals,ozone and weather
Delivery hose for aircraft ground refuelling. Fuels with aromatic content up to 50%

Temperature: -22°F+158°F
Specifications: EN1825