Silicone heater hose is for heavy duty market. This hose features a special silicone compound that meets the SAE 20R3, Class A specifications. Such silicone hose is highly resistant to the deteriorating effects of oil, ozone, coolants and coolant additives. The hose features a textile braid reinforcement and silicone tube and cover. Silicone heater hose is capable of long lasting service life under extreme temperatures and in oily environments.


Inner: 100% High quality silicone

Cover: silicone

Reinforcement: Polyester/Aramid Braid

Color: Black/Red/Blue/Green/Yellow


Mainly used in mine hydraulic support, oil exploration, suitable to engineer construction, crane transport, forging metallurgy, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery agricultural machinery various machine tools.


● 100% Virgin silicone materials

● Provides high pressure resistance and superior impulse resistance.

● Provides superior oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance by using special synthetic rubber

● Provides superior bonding in hose internal, soft use and small deformation under pressure

● Provides superior kink resistance and fatigue resistance and longer services life

● Working Pressure: 0.3-1.2MPA

Temperature: -40℃ ( -104 ℉ ) to +220℃ (+428 ℉ )

silicone heater hose