Nitrile fuel hose is widely used in automotive and industrial apps which require chemical resistance. Such oil hose is ideal for transfer of aromatic or non aromatic hydrocarbon fluids. While typical usages include fuel and lubricant transfer, gas transmission lines, gasoline and petrochemical pipes. It has good general industrial properties.

Among the synthetic rubbers, nitrile rubber has much better oil resistance. Thus it is the best choice for fuel lines and oil deliver hoses. Besides, nitrile fuel line has excellent high temperature resistance. It can work at 80℃ for long terms. While it can remain flexible at -20℃.

Nitrile Fuel Hose Structure:

Tube: Black, smooth, NBR rubber
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic yarn
Cover: ozone, oil resistant nitrile rubber.

Temperature:-32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)

Fuel Oil Hose Application:

Such oil resistant rubber hose can deliver various oils like diesel, gasoline, fuel, lubricant, etc. As for the application, it is ideal for petroleum, chemical, aerospace, military, etc. Here Orientflex introduces you the use of NBR hose in details.

As a high performance material, nitrile rubber hose has great value in aerospace. Because of the great oil and temperature resistance, it has been widely used in engine, missile and satellite. Besides nitrile rubber hose is ideal for the engine and oil system in various vehicles. While these vehicles can be car, bus, tractor, etc. What’s more, it is the necessary part in the ship to deliver all kinds of oils. In the automobile field, nitrile oil hose widely serves in engine system, fuel system and cooling system.

Rubber Fuel Pipe Features:

Weather and abrasion resistant cover
Flexible and less distortion
For aromatic content up to 50%