Nitrile fuel discharge hose is widely used in auto and Industry which require oil resistance. Such oil discharge hose is ideal for transfer of aromatic or non aromatic hydrocarbon fluids. While the typical usages include fuel and lubricant transfer, gas lines. In addition, it can serve as gasoline and petrochemical pipe. Besides, such oil transfer hose has good general industrial properties.

Such fuel transfer hose adopt nitrile rubber as the raw material. Because it has the much better oil resistance than other synthetic rubbers. In fact, most of the rubber hoses that deliver oil are made from nitrile rubber. Such fuel rubber hose is very flexible. Thus it is ideal for the installation in a narrow space.

Fuel Discharge Hose Structure:

Tube: Black, smooth, nitrile rubber.
Reinforcement: Multi plies of high strength synthetic fabric
Cover: Black, wrapped surface, weather and ozone resistant, synthetic rubber

Oil Discharge Hose Application:

Such fuel oil hose is to discharge petroleum based products, diesel, gasoline, lubricant and fuel with aromatic content up to 50%.

Rubber Fuel Pipe Features:

Weather and abrasion resistant cover
Flexible and less distortion
For aromatic content up to 50%

Temperature:-32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)

Nitrile Fuel Hose 150 PSI

Nitrile Fuel Hose 300 PSI

fuel discharge hose