Fuel Dispenser hose is designed to dispense and transfer gasoline and other petroleum based fuels. In fact, it is the connection that connects the oil gun and the oil tank of a car or other vehicles. Thus such oil pipe is also called oil gun hose. It is a flexible rubber hose that transfer oils like gasoline, diesel, etc. Gas dispenser hose is one of the most important part in a gas station and it plays an important roll.

In the gas station, the safety is the most important factor. Because once there was a fire, it will cause serious economic loss. Worse more, it may cause human get damaged. Such fuel dispensing hose adopts antistatic rubber as the raw material and will not cause spark. Besides, it can withstand high pressure. Thus it can ensure a safe fueling work. On the both sides of the fuel hose, there are special fittings to connect the oil gun and fuel dispenser.

Fuel Dispenser Hose Features:

Tube: nitrile synthetic rubber, smooth

Reinforcement: steel wire braid

Cover: Nitrile synthetic rubber, black, green, red, blue or yellow

Petrol Dispensing Hose Application:

Designed for general refueling equipment to convey aviation kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil and other mineral oils.


Designed for fuel up to 50% aromatic content

Weather and ozone resistant cover

C/W coupling SHF

Temperature: -40°C to +121°C (-104°F to +250°F)

Fuel Dispenser Hose