Nylon fabric duct hose is designed to exhaust fumes, light weight dust as well as for air movement. This flexible ventilation hose is produced by PVC coated nylon polyester fabric with spring steel wire. Such air ducting hose is light in weight and flexible with high tensile strength. Besides, it resists vibration and tearing.

Fabric duct hose Structure:

Wall: pvc coated nylon fabric

Spiral: high strength and elastic steel wire

Working temperature: -15 to +130℃

Flexible Duct Hose Specs:

Inner diameter: 2″-24″

Thickness: 0.35mm

Steel wire diameter: 0.8-2.3mm

Length: 10m/roll

Such flexible duct hose adopts imported nylon fabric as the raw material. While it’s the latest material in the world. Thus the fabric duct performs much better than normal venting hose. Besides, there is flame retardant PVC coating on the both sides of the duch hose pipe. Thus the hose is flame retardant. Which means it will extinguish once away from the fire. Then there is high strength and elastic steel wire supports inside. Thus the structure will be strong enough to bear the external pressure and impact. The connection between steel wire and nylon fabric is hot melting. Thus the 2 part closely bond with each other.

Duct Tubing Application:

●Ideal for ventilation of fumes, dust extraction & collection and air movement.

●AC and light duty dust extraction

●As a flexible connection between grilles diffusers, fans as well as other units

●Suction of engine exhaust gas

●Exhaust gas technique, engine construction, engine warming, aircraft and military

●For flue gas extraction, blast furnace exhaust and engine test bench


Canvas Duct Features:

●Vibration, tearing and aging resistant

●High temperature, acid and alkali resistant

●High tensile strength

●Flame retardant

●Highly flexible and compressible up to 10:1


●Highly flexible and light in weight, asy to install and transfer

●Wear resistant and durable