Rubber lined fire hose Structure:
Lining: synthetic rubber
Reinforcement cover: Polyester jacket

In fact, rubber fire hose has different types. First, it can be NBR lining or EPDM lining by the material. Then it can be single jacket or double jacket by the structure.

Single jacket rubber fire hose is made from high strength polyester jacket with a rubber lining. While the polyester polyester filament yarn. Single jacket fire hose has great wear, pressure, corrosion and pressure resistance. Besides, it’s light in weight and flexible for easy to carry and to recycle.

While double jacket rubber fire hose has higher pressure resistance. Besides, it’s a multi-purpose hose. Because it’s ideal for many usages.

Rubber Lined Fire Hose Applications:

First, fire fighting. It’s the most used hose in fire fighting because of the great properties. First, it’s wear and temperature resistant. Second, it’s very durable. Thus it can bear the tough work condition in fire site. Third, there will not be leakage and burst problem on the hose. Last, when the water goes through, the hose will never twist.

Second, agriculture. Rubber lined layflat fire hose has better pressure and wear resistance than PVC layflat hose. Thus it becomes a popular material for irrigation. As it can deliver water from a long distance without worrying about the wear and twist problems.

Third, mines. In some African, European and South American countries such as Ghana, Russia, and Chile, people use the hose in mines. Mine owners use it to discharge and deliver water. Besides, they use it to discharge wasted slurry, as it’s wear resistant. It’s also a popular material in some gold mines.

Rubber Lined Fire Hose Features:

● Light weight, ozone resistant,
● Abrasion resistant
● Low-temperature resistant
● Oil resistance, Long service life.
● Working pressure:8bar, 10bar,13bar, 16bar, 20bar, 25bar