General purpose corrugated suction hose is a flexible hose. Different from smooth surface suction hose, such helix suction hose has a PVC helix on the external surface. This special design makes the water suction hose more abrasion resistant. Therefore, it can be more durable than odinary hoses. Because of the special structure, it can work at vacuum. Thus it is also ideal for water suction project.

As one of the top grade suppliers, Orientflex provides you the cost-effective hoses. Besides, we can provide you custom service. For example, we can produce the suction hose into red, yellow, black and many other colors according to your requirement. What’s more, we can provide you various kinds of hose fittings like camlock.

Construction: High quality pvc with rigid pvc helix

General purpose corrugated suction hose Application:

PVC corrugated suction hose is designed for regular water supply and drainage. It’s also for transporting various powdery particles and liquids. It is widely used in civil and building works, agriculture, mining, construction, shipbuilding and fishery.

PVC corrugated suction hose


●Abrasion and chemical resistant

●Excellent bending radius

●Impact & crush resistant

●Corrugated rigid spiral helix reinforced

●Smooth inner wall will not restricte the flow of materials

●Economical and flexible

●Lightweight and easy to transport

Temperature:-10℃ (-50℉) to 65℃ (+150℉)