Hybrid air hose

The two basic variation types of air hoses are rubber and PVC. Rubber is more flexible and weighs more, which makes it lay on the ground better and is less likely to be tripped over. PVC is lighter, stiffer (especially in cold weather), and thus more abrasion resistant. It is also easier to yank around than rubber hose. The hybrid air hose is an attempt to capture the best of both. Made from  high performance polymer, hybrid Hose aims to harden the lightweight and abrasion resistance of PVC. Also strengthens the flexibility of traditional rubber hose, even in cold weather.

The hybrid blend of PVC and rubber allows hybrid hose to be extremely flexible and durable. Even in frigid temperatures. If you’ve ever been frustrated by air hose that kinks and is generally difficult to unravel, this is the choice for you.


Tube and cover: Specialized blend of rubber and pvc Reinforcement: high tensile polyester braiding


The hybrid air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, air compressors,automated air line, air supply,cleaning equipment, construction equipment and so on.


● Extreme all-weather flexibility

● Flexible even in sub-zero temperatures

● Max working pressure 300psi

● Excellent abrasion-resistant outer cover

● Light weight,flexible,non-kinking,non-twisting

● UV and ozone resistant,Anti-aging

● With 1/4 ” NPT fittings

Temperature:-30℃(-22℉) to 65℃(+150℉)