Acetylene hose only for fuel service and is compatible with commonly used fuel gases. While it can deliver acetylene, hydrogen, natural gas, propane and propylene. Hose acetylene often works together with an oxygen hose which is to deliver oxygen for the combustion purpose. Thus they have another name, twin welding hose. In general, the color of acetylene hose is red. Because it is to deliver flammable gases. And in our daily life, we often use red to mark something dangerous.

In the welding and cutting work, this hose is to deliver flammable gas. Thus the safety is the most important factor. During the welding, you may drag the hose on the ground and move them to another place. Then there will be abrasion problem. While once the hose wears out, the gases will leak. It will not only cause pollution, but also cause serious fire or even explosion.

Besides, the welding hose is often used outdoors. Thus the weather will have a huge impact on it. For example, the long-term exposure to sunlight may degrade the rubber. In addition, the cold weather may cause problem to the hose.

But with Orientflex hose, you should never worry about those problems. Our hose adopts special material and it makes our hose resistant to abrasion, weather, chemical, oil and high pressure. Besides, our welding hose is flame retardant. Thus it is quite safe.

Acetylene Hose Application:

It can deliver various industrial gases like acetylene, propane, carbon dioxide, liquified natural gas, compressed air, etc. As for the tools, it widely serves in welding, cutting, compressor, cutting machine, and many others. It is used in ship building, automobile, steel structure, tunnel, bridge, aviation and aerospace, etc.
Temperature:-20℃(-4℉)to +70℃(+158℉)
Tube:Black, smooth, synthetic rubber
Reinforcement:High strength synthetic cord
Cover:Blue/green/red, smooth, synthetic rubber
Optional Request:ISO 3821(formerly known as En559)AS/NZS 1869: 1996 Class C


After finishing the acetylene hose production, we will pack the hose. In general, the packing will use woven bag and plastic film.
Special packing is available according to your need.

Acetylene Hose

Acetylene Hose