Sweeper hose is a flexible rubber hose on the sweeper. While such material handling hose is to suck the dirts on the street. It has excellent abrasion resistance, thus it can work by touching the ground. Besides, it has excellent corrosion resistance. Then it can effectively handle the dirty water and putrid leaves. During the suction work, the abrasive mediums will wear with the inner wall of the rubber hose. Then there will be static which can cause serious problem. But you don’t have to worry about this because there will be copper wire inside the hose. By grounding the wire, it can conduct the static and keep a safe work environment.

In the street, there may be stones, glasses or other sharp substances. While these may cut the inner rubber layer of the hose. But Orientflex hose adopts special formula and it can resist the cut and wear. In addition, there will never be block problem.

Sweeper Hose Structure:
Tube: Black and corrugated SBR/NR
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic plies with steel wire spirals
Cover: Black, corrugated and cloth impression SBR/NR, abrasion and weather resistant

Suction hose for highly abrasion granulates and powders. Futher to the exceptional flexibility, it is also very compressible and ideal for unaligned manifolds. It mostly used on street sweepers and industrial cleaning machines.
Temperature: -40°F+158°F

street sweeper hose