PE micro spray tape irrigation system is the easiest and cheapest way for farm irrigation. Easy installation, easy maintenance, low cost, no plug, easy process, low water pressure, low energy consumption. The best and easiest way for small & medium area farm irrigation .PE micro spray tape is a flat hose with many pores on the hose to spray water mistily. It is suitable for any dry land crops. There are different types of hose, different watering pore patterns, used for different crops and different farmlands. It can be used on open farmland, sandy land, greenhouses, net house. Especially it is suitable for the plants require more water in short time.

PE micro spray tape

When to use it by laid on the ground, the tape will spray water upward into the air, and then fell down like soft rain to irrigate the fragile leaves. And when in the way of using hose under the mulch film, spray pores are farther away from the center line. To spray in a low angle. Plants can grow outward from the holes on the mulch film. PE micro spray tape is under the mulch film, in line with planting lines close to the crops .


To irrigate under mulch film, the water discharged from the pores on micro spray tape , flow directly onto crops root. And also, the liquid fertilizer can be applied at the same time if necessary, In fact, this way of irrigation with sprinkler hose, the watering rate is faster than drip irrigation. Not just like that, the advantages of sprinkler hose irrigation method are less clogging happened and it needs only very low water pressure to make it work, sometimes it doesn’t even need an electric power or any kind of energy in the small area irrigation by putting a 50 gallon tank up on a 2 meter high rack as the water supply.

Micro Spray Tape Application:

micro spray tape

When irrigation by PE micro spray tape, it is similar to fin rain to moisten the crops. Spraying water with litter impact.And even without harming the crops. Especially, it can significantly reduce the humidity in the greenhouse and reduce the disease of crops. It is especially suitable for the use of garden plants and filed crops.


● saving labor cost 50%-80%, saving water 40%-80%, saving fertilizer 50%, increase the crops 10%-30%.

●Using high quality raw material and anti-ultraviolet ration, anti-aging.

●Anti-aging life more than 3 years, low working pressure, low energy consumption.

●Scientific hole layout design, smooth appearance, high uniform spray,

●Flexible design, convenient operation

●Uniform Irrigation increase crops.

●Easy to store and handle, easy to install and operate.