Lay flat Air Hose is an all synthetic, heavy duty layflat compressed air hose. The hose is a high quality Nitrile-synthetic rubber which is extruded through the weave giving a ‘Unified’ construction. External ribs offer further resistance to abrasion and ease of handling. This hose requires no drying after use.

Abrasion resistance provides contact resistance to oil, fuel and chemical products along with ozone weather resistance. The unified construction guarantees a smooth inner surface and low friction loss for a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements and easy repair.

The lay flat air hose is famous of heavy duty, high abrasion resistance and extremely long service life. Flexible and kink resistant structure produced with very low twist. It is a multipurpose hose that suitable for a wide range of applications.

Rubber Layflat Compressed Air Hose Construction:

Inner and cover:

1. Nitrile synthetic rubber

2. TPR(thermoplastic rubber )

Reinforcement: polyester woven jacket

Rubber Layflat Compressed Air Hose Application:

Layflat compressed air hose is designed for air compressors, pneumatic tools, Rock drill, automated air line, air supply, construction equipment and so on.

Rubber Layflat Compressed Air Hose Characteristic:

● Unique woven construction-Resists kinking stretching and twisting

● Resistance to oil contaminated air, weathering and abrasion

● Lightweight and flexible, easy to handle and store

layflat air hose