Double jacket fire hose

Lining: PVC, PU, Rrubber lining
Reinforcement Cover: Double Polyester jacket

Double Jacket Fire Hose Application:

Double jacket fire hose is designed for fire fighting, shipping, petroleum, chemical industry, agriculture, mining. It is the best choice for fire fighting.

Compared with single jacket fire hose, double jacket fire hose has many advantages as follow:

Increased Durability: Double jacket hoses are more durable than single jacket hoses because they have two layers of fabric, which makes them better able to withstand abrasion and wear.

Higher Burst Strength

The double jacket design of the hose means that it has a higher burst strength than a single jacket hose. This makes it less likely to burst under pressure, which can be more reliable.

Greater Pressure Resistance

The two layers of fabric in a double jacket hose also resists greater pressure. Besides, the hose will not leak.

Enhanced Kink Resistance

Double jacket hose is less likely to kink than single jacket hose. While this can help to ensure a smooth and efficient water flow.

Heat and Chemicals

Double jacket hose also provides better resistance to heat and chemicals. This makes it a better choice for use in industry and outdoor.

Double Jacket Fire Hose Applications:

Double layer fire hose is ideal for fire fighting and other emergency to deliver high-pressure water to control and handle the fire. General usages are as follow:

Structure fire fighting

Double layer fire hoses are commonly used in structural firefighting to deliver water to the flames or to create a barrier between the fire and other structures.

Wildfire suppression

In cases of wildfire, such hose can create fire lines or to wet the area to prevent the fire spread.

Industrial fire fighting

Double layer fire hose is also ideal for industrial settings, such as refinery or chemical plant. In these places, a fire could quickly escalate and become very dangerous.

Emergency response

Firefighters may use double layer fire hoses in emergency, such as flood or hazardous material spills. It can control the flow of water and protect people and property.

Agricultural use

The hose is also suitable for irrigation. Besides, they can deliver water to crops in dry areas or in times of drought.

Double Layer Fire HoseFeatures:

● High pressure resistance
● High Abrasion resistance
● Low temperature resistant
● Ozone resistance, long service life.
● Working pressure:10bar, 13bar, 16bar, 20bar, 25bar

Double Jacket layflat fire hose