Multiple purpose hose can transport a wide range of meiums like air, water, etc. Such hose is normally made of  the blend of rubber, PVC or hybrid thermoplastic. When selecting a Multi-Purpose hose, you need to consider the weight, handling features, and fluid . As an example, an oily environment will  breakdown most PVC or EPDM hoses. In addition, a very cold or very hot condition will have adverse effects on the type of the hose. PVC hose will become rigid on a cold day and a wet noodle on a very hot day. The layers of reinforce will also make the hose more robust, kink resistant and able to handle greater working pressures.

The multipurpose hose has both the advantages of PVC hose and rubber hose. That’s to say, it is as flexible and light as PVC hose. At the same time, it can bear high pressure as rubber hose. Because these properties, such air hose is ideal for heavy duty use. In addition, it is resistant to UV and weather. Thus it is ideal for outdoor use.

Orientflex multi purpose hose adopts the top grade raw material with resonable sormula. Thus it has a high quality. High quality factory hose with factory price will be your unique choice. Besides standard hose, we can offer you customized service. While that’s to say you can ask for any lengths, colors and sizes. In addition, we can offer you various fittings as well as the hose assembly.

Multi Purpose Hose Structure:

Tube and Cover: Rubber or TPR (NBR/PVC), smooth, oil resistance

Reinforcement: 1ply or 2ply polyester thread braiding

Multi Purpose Hose Application:

Our multi-purpose TPR hoses, available with red or black covers, are ideal for handling air, oil, and medium-grade fuels in construction, shipyard, mining, and agriculture applications.

Temperature Range: -22°F (-30°C) to +176°F (+80°C)

Multi-Purpose Hose Features:

●Oil mist resistant tube and cover.

●Ozone and weather resistant.

●Resistant to ultra-violet (UV).