Fuel tanker hose is a flexible rubber oil hose which is used on the fuel tanker. While such oil pipe is to discharge petroleum products like gasoline and diesel. In general, th tank truck hose is at the tail of a tank truck. But sometimes it is at the side of the tanker. Tanker rail hose is quite flexible. Thus it will not kink or twist during the oil discharge work. Beisdes, it is light in weight. Then it will be very easy to install and transport. In addition, it has good wear resistance. Thus during the oil deliver work, it will get hurt caused by friction with the ground. What’s more, there can be a copper wire inside the hose. This is because that during the oil deliver, the friction will cause static. Once the oil meets the static, there will be serious fire or even exploration. Thus the copper wire can effectively conduct the static and make the deliver work more safe.

Tanker Unloading Hose Structure:

Tube: Black, smooth, nitrile rubber

Reinforcement: High strength synthetic fabric and helix wire with anti-static wire

Cover:Black or red; smooth or corrugated; oil, fuel, and weather resistant synthetic rubber


Hardwall hose is designed for suction and delivery of a wide range of petroleum fuel with aromatic content up to 50% for tank trucks.

Temperature:-32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)


Weather and abrasion resistant cover

Corrugated cover isavailable, more flexible

Light in weight, easy to handle

Designed for aromatic content up to 50%