This hose is used as a flexible connector  to convey cooling water to furnace doors in steel mills, glass plants and foundries. It’s available with Nomex or Fiberglass cover. Also available as non-conductive hose on electrical furnaces or with stainless steel Armour Guard braids. Large size hose can be made with built-in fittings.


Tube: EPDM, white, smooth and non-conductive

Reinforcement: 2 plys of synthetic fabric

Cover: Fibreglass ply impregnated with heat and flame resistant synthetic rubber


The non-conductive furnace door hose is designed for conveying cooling water to furnace doors in steel mills and glass plants.

-40℃-130℃, cover to +302℃.

● Superior heat resistance cover resists heat up to +575°F .
● Resists open flamee and splashes of white hot metal to +575°F( +302℃).
● EPDM tube is non- conductive.

furnace hose