Flexible exhaust duct is flexible with a small bend radius. It’s also flame retardant and kink-proof. The outer layer consists of aluminum foil laminated PVC film. While the cover is high temp and flame resistant glass fiber cotton. The inner duct is high quality alloy aluminum. The flexible duct hose is then supported by high tension spiral steel wire. Flexible heat ducts are suitable for high, medium and low air condition and ventilation systems. It’s also ideal for hot air ducting.

Flexible Exhaust Duct Structure:

Wall: Aluminum foil laminated PVC film

Spiral: Steel wire

Working temperature:  -20 degree up to +150 degree


Inner Diameter: 2″-16″

Length: 10m/roll

Flexible Exhaust Hose Application:

●Suction and blow duct hose for hot air and gas up to +150 °C

●AC and fumes exhaust, high-temp gas, chemical gas

●Extraction of corrosive gases and fumes

●Chemical plants

●Transfer of hot and cold air

●Air conditioning/ventilation

●Vehicle construction

Flexible Heating Duct Features:

●High temp proof

●Chemical proof

●Acid & Alkali Resistant

●Highly flexible

●Small bending radius

For the connection between the PVC cover and aluminum hose, we use water-base cement. While that means there will not be solvents in the bond process. As it’s an eco-friendly material, it will never cause pollution. As we know, we are the only supplier who use it.