PVC clear hose is flexible, durable, non-toxic, without odor. And it’s resistant to high pressure and erosion. By adding colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose, it looks more beautiful. This hose has good oil-resistance, excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and many solvents except esters, ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Clear PVC Pipe has smooth interior walls for unimpeded flow and reduced sediment buildup; non-contaminating for purity applications; and ease of handling and installation.Clear PVC hose makes it easier to view the liquid inside the tubes, which can prevent kinks and the incorrect transfer of liquids through certain lines.

PVC transparent hose is used for conveying water, oil, gas under normal working condition in factories, farm, ship, building and family.


Temperature range: -10℃ to +65


PVC clear hose pakage

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