Plaster and Grout Hose

Plaster and Grout Hose is constructed with a smooth and highly abrasion resistant rubber lining and high-tensile reinforcements. The cover is smooth, abrasion and weather resistant rubber. The hose is widely used between pump and nozzle in transporting plaster, grout, and ready mixed concrete. It has small tolerance, long durability, good oil resistance and heat resistance and it is light weight and soft.


Tube: NR/SBR.

Reinforcement: four or six plies of synthetic textile with an antistatic wire.

Cover: NR/SBR, black and cloth impression.

Application: High quality plaster/grout rubber hoses are used to transfer plaster, grout, sand, gypsym and other abrasive materials in drilling, cementing service. They also have a wide range service in construction industry, mining and tunneling.


1. Ozone and weather resistant cover

2. Excellent abrasion resistance

3. Variety of applications.

Temperature:-40℃ to +70℃(-40℉ to +158℉)