SAE J1401 brake hose consists of five layers.(EPDM rubber inner tube,first reinforcement textile braid in PVA, adhesive coating,second reinforcement textile braid in PVA,outer protective cover of EPDM rubber.)Our brake hoses conform to SAE J1401.Each brake hose assembly is pressure tested up to 1450 P.S.I. to ensure the safety.

Long length of rubber brake hose can be reached 50m,100m,200m .etc  and our hose is durable,resilient,and will last for a long time. Widely using cars, for all vehicles with hydraulic brake and clutch system including drum brake and disc brake conversion etc.


Tube: Special rubber formula with perfect brake fluid compatibility

Reinforcement: High tensile braided fiber.

Cover: Black weather-, aging-resistant synthetic rubber”


Hydraulic brake hose act as a pressure transmission for automotive hydraulic brake system Used for Cars, motorcycles, light trucks and other Light Heavy-Duty vehicles for hydraulic brake system.


● High pressure resistance, lower volumetric expansion, flexibility, small bend radius,

● aging resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance and long lifespan

Temperature: -40℃ (-40 ℉ ) to +121℃ (+250 ℉ )