HDPE irrigation pipe is widely used for agriculture applications in irrigation, drainage and water supply. PE pipes are selected over other conventional pipes as they are the least expensive option when comparing pipe materials, installation costs, and performance.

The HDPE irrigation pipe has a number of benefits as it allows for drainage around gardens, retaining walls and other places where moisture can be a problem. Choosing to lay PE agricultural pipe will help with the drainage and health of your garden immensely.

Polyethylene is the best proven piping system for irrigation and drainage applications due to its unique properties. Flexibility and bending radius down to 20OD reduce the need for fittings and lessen the pipe laydown area. PE piping systems are corrosion resistant and withstand salty water and corrosive conditions

●Anti-ultraviolet, effectively prevent the growth of the moss, long service life.
●Convenient transportation. easy to install, complete fittings.
●Environmental materials for easy recycling.

PE agriculture irrigation pipe can be used in combination with drop arrows for potted plants; in combination with external tip-head, suitable for crops with unequal spacing. For example tree;Widely used in micro-irrigation projects, farmland water transport, aquaculture,building water supply.

HDPE irrigation pipe