PE layflat hose is used for irrigation and low pressure water supply. It widely serves in general industry, construction conveyance and discharge water. It is ideal for irrigation at low pressure connected with thin wall irrigation pipes. PE lay flat hose is suitable for uneven farms. It’s much lighter than rigid PE pipe and PVC lay flat pipes. The range of our products are 32-152mm. Thickness and length is according to customer’s requirements.


PE layflat hose is used for shallow root row crops (strawberries,tomatoes, broccoli, celery, tomatoes, vegetables, etc,);

Deep-rotted row crops (watermelon, grape, cantaloupe, zucchini, pepper,etc);

Perennial planting crops (tobacco, asparagus, lily flower,papaya, banana,etc);

Edible fungus, cotton, nursery, flowers, filed crops, desert afforestation;

Besides, it is suitable for greenhouse cultivation.


●Made of non-toxic and recyclable PE.
●Anti-crossing and anti-aging, shelf life for more than 10 years.
●High tensile strength and high impact resistance.
●Flexible and easy to carry and install in the filed, low coat, cost saving.
●Anti -ultraviolet radiation, prolong life.

PE layflat hose

PE layflat hose
PE layflat hose pakage