Oil suction hose is a flexible rubber pipe to deliver various oils. While the mediums can be diesel, petroleum, mineral oil, lubricant, hydraulic oil, fuel, etc. Therefore, it has many other names such as fuel oil hose, petroleum hose, fuel transer hose, etc. Same as fuel discharge hose, such rubber oil hose also adopts nitrile rubber as the raw material. However, oil suction hose is quite different with oil discharge hose. Because there is a steel wire spiral layer in addition to the fabric reinforce layer. The steel wire not only offers strong structure, but also offers greater pressure resistance. What’s more, it makes the hose can withstand negative pressure. Therefore, oil suction pipe is ideal for both suction and discharge work.

Oil Suction Hose Structure:

Tube: Black, smooth, nitrile rubber
Reinforcement: Multi plies high strength synthetic fabric and steel wire helix skeleton
Cover: Black, wrapped surface, synthetic rubber

Temperature:-32°C to +82°C (-90°F to +180°F)

Oil Suction Hose Application:

Oil suction tube is ideal for suction and discharge of various oils like diesel, gasoline, lubricant, fuel, etc. It widely serves in dock, oil dirilling platform, marine and many other places.

Oil Suction Hose Application

Petrol Suction Pipe Features:

Oil suction and delivery hose has excellent oil resistance. While it can deliver oil for a long time without any leakage or failure. Besides, it has good ozone and weather resistance. Thus it can work at outdoors for long terms. In addition, there can be a cooper wire inside the hose to conduct static. Then the oil deliver project can be safe and reliable. What’s more, Orientflex can offer you various oil hose fittings to fit your special work. Then you can save much time to find a hose fitting supplier. In addition, factory direct price will help you save budget.

Nitrile Petrol Suction hose 150 PSI

Petroleum Suction hose 300PSI

Petroleum Suction hose 400PSI