Emitter tape consists of small plastic emission devices similar in function to on-line emitters. But in this configuration they are pre-inserted into the PE tubing at specified intervals during the tubing extrusion process.  The emitters are cylindrical and are attached to the inner tube wall via a controlled heating/adhesion process. Labor savings for the end user may be substantial since emitters are factory pre-installed.  Flexibility is not affected since additional emission devices are easily added to the tubing in the field if desired. Unlike all other classifications of emission devices, dripline may be installed below the surface such that the soil surface may be kept dry and surface damage may be avoided.

The inner round emitter drip pipe, is to insert a round emitter into the pipe to make it as an integrated pipe. Emitters together with the pipe, easily installation. With the filter window, the emitter has filter ability. Adopt labyrinth flow pass have the pressure compensation ability. The emitter spacing can be customized.The round emitter drip tape is used for:  Greenhouse: Cucumber, Strawberry, Tomato, watermelon etc
Pome culture: Grape, Kiwi, Apple, Pear, Oranges, and etc.
Land cultivation: Tobacco, Ginseng, Pepper, Watermelon etc
Cultivation with nursing solution.

1.It is suitable to annual crops by its accurate equalized irrigation
2.Clogging free for the nursing solution of hydroponic
3.It is available to irrigate vast area at same time with low volume
4.Superior durability with raw material of chemical-proof and anti-ultraviolet rays
5.Preventing over moisture in the air and controlling appearance of harmful insects in the greenhouse