Rubber Air Conditioner Hose

Rubber air-conditioning hoses are widely used in air-conditioning systems of various vehicles (cars, machinery, trains, trams) as well as in smaller installations of industrial cooling. In these installations, freonmixed with compressor oil acts as a refrigerant. It circulates in the system where it undergoes continuous pressure and temperature fluctuations. Therefore, requirements air-conditioning hoses are so high. It is essential for the air-conditioning hoses to be perfectly tight as freon is very penetrating, expensive and harmful to the environment. The hose must be highly resistant to pressure, temperature, chemicals and stop humidity from permeating the hose wall.

Tube:CSM/EPDM Barrier-Nylon alloy Buffer-EPDM/NBR
Application: Applicable for Car,truck and passenger coach air conditioner
systems to transfer environmentally friendly R134a and R12 refrigerant. SAE
J2064 Type C #6,#8,#10,#12 Auto R134a refrigerant air conditioning line
assembly with PA barrier thick / thin wall
● Refrigerant moisture ingression and heat resistance, excellent whip test
resistance and noise reduction
● Aging resistance,Ozone resistance,Low permeability,Flexible
● Special tube compound resistant to high compression for coupling integrity.
Temperature: -40 ℉ to +250 ℉ (-40℃ to +121℃)