It is very importat for factory to take all necessary measures to preven fire fire as much as possible. While here we offer you high temperature duct hose for such purpose. Classified as flame retardant, our flame retardant duct hose can stop burning once the fire is away from it. Thus our flame retardant duct hose can help to reduce the risk of fire.

High Temperature Duct Hose Structure:

Wall: high quality glass fiber fabric with high temp coat

Cover: stainless steel electrolytic clip

Temp range:  -70℃ to +450℃

Inner Diameter:  2″-60″

Thickness: 0.45mm

Length: 10m/roll

The flexible duct hose adopts imported high quality fibreglass cloth as the material. Besides, there is high temp coat on each sides. Then there is a high tensile strength fibre inside the cloth to strengthen the hose and make it more flexible. While the cover is stainless steel elecronytic clip which supports the hose. Such ventilation hose has great sealing, thus it will never leaks. In addition, the nylon duct is light in weight. Thus it’s really easy to carry and to install.

High Temp Duct Hose Application:

● For suction of high temp air in engine exhaust in industry

● For high temp gaseous media like vapors and smoke

● In dryer, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding as well as military

● Exhaust welding fume

● As bellows and compensator

Air Vent Hose Features:

● High temp proof up to 450℃

● Highly flexible and compressible 10:1

● External steel helix protects against crush

● Firm clamping structure

● Good performance on working pressure

● Small bending radius which is the same with diameter

● Flame-retardant

● Kink and chemical proof as well as light weight

Besides the 450℃ duct tubing, we can offer you 800℃ high temperature duct hose. While it has multi layers of heat resistant fibre. Thus it can bear much higher temperature. While the thickness is 0.95mm which is 2 times of 450℃ hose.