General purpose smooth  PVC suction Hose is a durable PVC hose designed for water suction and transfer applications.This general service suction and discharge hose is capable of full vacuum service. You can view flow blockages and material flow easily to keep equipment and operations running smoothly.This hose is ideal for all-season agricultural and pump suction and transfer applications. Tube is smooth clear PVC. While inside the wall, there is a high visibility helix.This PVC helix hose is available in a wide range of sizes. Besides, Orientflex can offer you the custom service, which means you can ask for any types of suction hose. What’s more, you can also get the relevant fittings here in Orientflex.

Smooth suction hose Structure:

High quality pvc with rigid pvc helix

Plastic Suction Hose Application:

General purpose smooth PVC suction hose is designed for regular water supply and drainage. It’s also for transporting various powdery particles and liquids. It is widely used in civil and building works, agriculture, mining, construction, ship and fishery.

PVC Water Suction Hose Pipe Features:

●Economical & flexible

● Abrasion & chemical resistant

●Impact & crush resistant

●Excellent bending radius

●Constructed with rigid spiral helix reinforcement

●Smooth inner construction for unrestricted flow of materials

Temperature:-10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)

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