The subsurface drip irrigation tape adopts the first injection drip patch, then extrude the plastic pipe to paste the drip process.The droplet flow is a turbulent flow from one stable state to another stable state, while the dripping head with filter window is superior to the blocking performance.It is very easy to achieve precise and precise irrigation by changing the drip irrigation tape of different water drops.

It is widely used in greenhouse and field crops irrigation.



  • Advanced equipment, automatic running water, automatic detection, fast production speed (125 meters per minute), short period.
  • The irrigation water uniformity is high, can reach 98.56% above.
  • Strong anti – blocking ability, the drop head has self – filter window, runner wide, not easy to block.
  • The drop spacing can be determined according to user requirements.
  • The anti-aging ability is strong, the pure material and the import antioxidant production, can be used in normal under 5-10 years.
  • More than 75% water saving, more than 65% energy saving, more than 30% increase.The soil can be reduced, and the soil permeability can be enhanced.The fertilizer can be applied to improve fertilizer efficiency, save labor and fertilizer.
  • In the greenhouse, it can reduce air humidity by 20% to 30%, reduce the occurrence of diseases, increase the temperature of ground temperature 2-3, and the crops can be listed for 7-15 days in advance.
  • Strip packing, large capacity and low transportation cost (up to 2500 m)


The subsurface drip irrigation tape is widely used in various drip irrigation projects, such as economic crops, vegetables, flowers, tea gardens, fruit trees, economic trees and field economic crops in greenhouse.

Diameter*Thickness*Space(mm) Length Size Weight
16*0.15*200 500m/Roll   5.47kg
1000m/Roll 44x44x16 9.93kg
2000m/Roll   18.87kg
16*0.15*300 500m/Roll   5.17kg
1000m/Roll   9.33kg
2000m/Roll   17.67kg
16*0.15*500 500m/Roll   4.93kg
1000m/Roll   8.85kg
2000m/Roll   16.71kg
16*0.16*100 500m/Roll   6.60kg
1000m/Roll   12.21kg
2000m/Roll   23.42kg
16*0.16*200 500m/Roll   5.70kg
1000m/Roll   10.41kg
2000m/Roll   19.82kg
16*0.16*300 500m/Roll   5.40kg
1000m/Roll   9.81kg
2000m/Roll   18.62kg
16*0.16*500 500m/Roll   5.16kg
1000m/Roll   9.33kg
2000m/Roll   17.66kg
16*0.18*100 500m/Roll 35x35x20 7.08kg
1000m/Roll 47x47x16 13.16kg
2000m/Roll   25.32kg
16*0.18*200 500m/Roll 35x35x20 6.18kg
1000m/Roll 47x47x16 11.36kg
2000m/Roll   21.72kg
16*0.18*300 500m/Roll 35x35x20 5.88kg
1000m/Roll 47x47x16 10.76kg
2000m/Roll   20.52kg
16*0.18*500 500m/Roll 35x35x20 5.64kg
1000m/Roll 47x47x16 10.28kg
2000m/Roll   19.56kg
16*0.2*100 500m/Roll   7.56kg
1000m/Roll   13.11kg
2000m/Roll   27.22kg
16*0.2*200 500m/Roll   6.66kg
1000m/Roll   12.31kg
2000m/Roll   23.62kg
16*0.2*300 500m/Roll   6.36kg
1000m/Roll   11.71kg
2000m/Roll   22.42kg
16*0.2*500 500m/Roll   6.12kg
1000m/Roll   11.23kg
2000m/Roll   21.46kg
16*0.25*100 500m/Roll   8.74kg
1000m/Roll   16.49kg
2000m/Roll   31.98kg
16*0.25*200 500m/Roll   7.84kg
1000m/Roll   14.69kg
2000m/Roll   28.38kg
16*0.25*300 500m/Roll   7.54kg
1000m/Roll   14.09kg
2000m/Roll   27.18kg
16*0.25*500 500m/Roll   7.30kg
1000m/Roll   13.61kg
2000m/Roll   26.22kg
16*0.3*100 500m/Roll   9.93kg
1000m/Roll   18.87kg
16*0.3*200 500m/Roll   9.03kg
1000m/Roll   17.07kg
16*0.3*300 500m/Roll   8.73kg
1000m/Roll   16.47kg
16*0.3*500 500m/Roll   8.49kg
1000m/Roll   15.99kg
16*0.4*100 500m/Roll   12.31kg
1000m/Roll   23.62kg
16*0.4*200 500m/Roll   11.41kg
1000m/Roll   21.82kg
16*0.4*300 500m/Roll   11.11kg
1000m/Roll   21.22kg
16*0.4*500 500m/Roll   10.87kg
1000m/Roll   20.74kg
16*0.6*200 500m/Roll   16.17kg
16*0.6*300 500m/Roll   15.87kg
16*0.6*500 500m/Roll   15.63kg


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