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Hammer Unions can be used for cementing trucks, oil field applications, for quick connection on tank trucks and rail cars carrying of LPG, LNG, CNG, etc., all kinds of manifolds and other high pressure equipment and pipes. Hammer Unions have good mechanical performance and sealing property. Especially, they can operate under the bad weather condition. They can be assembled, fixed and changed easily and conveniently. They are very easy to use as they are self-aligning, and do not require any special tools. It takes some seconds as compared to several minutes required with flanged connection. Hence in case of railway wagon loading, where large numbers of connections are to be made in each loading operation.


API Spec 16A–ISO 14693

Main Types:

Hammer Union type mainly consists of Figure50, Figure100, Figure200, Figure206, Figure207, Figure400, Figure600, Figure602, Figure1002, Figure1002 and Figure1502.

Fig 50.

These low pressure and suction hammer union of Fig50 are made from carbon steel. Available in 4″ or 5″ sizes in threaded & socket welded connection. These unions are suitable for 500 PSI wp.

Hammer Union Structure of Rotary Drilling HoseHammer Union Specifiction of Kelly Hose

Fig 100.

These low pressure hammer unions are ideal for manifold and applications where CWP does not exceed 1000 PSI.

Hammer Union Fig 100 StructureHammer Union Specification

Fig 200.

These hammer unions are best suited for medium pressure ranges involving air, water, oil & gas service for cold working pressure up to 2,000 PSI. Up to 4″ no O-ring is used on the male sub. Beyond 4″ size, an O-Ring is used on the male sub for sealing. The Figure 200 is a compact and economical hammer union, available with Threaded and ButtWeld ends.

Hammer Union Fig 200 Structure

Hammer Union Fig 200 Specification

Fig 206.

These hammer unions have an additional ‘O’ ring on the spherical surface of the male sub providing a leak proof seal. All dimensions of Fig200 & Fig206 are identical.

Hammer Union Fig 206 StructureHammer Union Fig 206 Specification

Fig 207.

Fig207 Blanking Caps and hammer unions are fully interchangeable with Fig200 and 206 hammer unions. For use where the blanking off at the end of a line is desirable. The cap is fitted with an ‘O’ ring to ensure a leakproof seal.

Hammer Union Fig 207 StructureHammer Union Fig 207 Specification

Fig 400.

These hammer unions are rigid in design and have all the three parts made of steel forgings. These hammer unions are best suited for manifold and line connections. Hammer unions from 3 inch through 8 inch sizes have O- rings for primary sealing. From 5″ to 8″ sizes C.W.P. is 2,500 PSI.

Hammer Union Fig 400 StructureHammer Union Fig 400 Specification

Fig. 600.

These hammer unions have wide range of applications including steam service and line connections. These unions are provided with a bronze seat in the female for the effective sealing and prevention of rust formation. Suitable for 6000 PSI CWP.

Hammer Union Fig 600 SturctureHammer Union Fig 600 Specification

Fig 602.

These unions are recommended for manifold and line connections truck mounting and in mud services. These hammer unions have resilient lip-type seal for positive sealing and also protects secondary metal – to metal seal. Suitable for 6000 PSI.

Hammer Union Fig 602 StructureHammer Union Fig 602 Specification

Fig 1002.

These unions are designed for high pressure systems like choke and kill lines, cementing, acidizing, testing and truck mounted system. These hammer unions have a liptype seal made of nitrile rubber and subs made of alloy steel, suitable for 10,000 PSI.

Hammer Union Fig 1002 StructureHammer Union Fig 1002 Specification

Fig 1003.

These hammer unions protect against electrolytic action. There is no metal – to – metal contact between the subs. A resilent seal ring in the female sub provide additional sealing and protection from corrosion. Suitable for 2000 PSI CWP.

1003Hammer Union Fig 1003 Specification

Fig 1502.

These hammer unions are widely used in cementing, manifold and other services where extra high pressure of 15,000 PSI CWP are encountered. There hammer unions are provided with replaceable seal ring.

Hammer Union Fig 1502 Structure

hammer union


Raw Material:  

Low Carbon Steel (EN 1A, SAE 1020, SAE 1010 etc.)
Medium Carbon Steel (EN 8, EN 31, EN 9, SAE 1045 etc.)
Stainless Steel (SS304, SS310, SS316 etc.)

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Hammer Union Production




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