Wall: Silicon coated glass fiber fabric

Clamped profile: Zinc plated steel slice


Clamped high temperature resistant flame retardant duct hose, especially suitable:

● For suction of high temperature air in engine exhaust in industry

● For high temperature gaseous media like vapors and smoke

● In dryer, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, military

● As bellows and compensator


● Very good resistance to high temperature up to 400℃

● Highly flexible and compressible

● External galvanized steel helix protects against crushing

● Firm clamping structure

● Good performance on working pressure

● Good resistance to chemical substance

● Small bending radius

● Flame-retardant

● Kink-proof

● Light weight

Working temperature range:  -60℃ to +400℃


Inner Diameter:  2″-24″

Length: 10m/roll